Can online casinos be trusted?

  • Thursday, Jul 22, 2021

Often, people still are suspicious of online casinos, and doing business online in general. This is less and less of a concern, and as far as online casinos are concerned, the security has never been better, and continues to improve. Sites such as are actually at the cutting edge of security technology, in many cases even more so than banks even major international banks. This is a fact which may surprise some people, but it's true .In short, nobody who does any kind of financial transactions online has any reason to specifically worry about online casinos per se.

There are many factors that go into what we know today as online security, especially when we talk about something as money-intensive as an online casino. One needs to look at the fairness of the games themselves, the security and safety of both deposits and withdrawals, safety from potential attacks by hackers, safety of personal data, etc. The good news is that the online casino industry, especially the best websites which are part of such, has about as good a track record as can be expected in all of these aspects. An online casino is generally the last place you have to worry about!

State of the art encryption

Encryption is something that is in constant evolution in the world of the internet.Nobody takes encryption more seriously than people in the area of online casinos. The industry standard for online casinos is the strongest 128-bit encryption that is out there, which is effectively military-grade encryption which the online casino industry has adapted for commercial use. All potential users are invited to look into the other sites where they regularly perform transactions. One can see clearly that even some of the big name (non-casino) players one would expect to have the best encryption often fall short of the mark, for one reason or another.

Innovative ways of dealing with deposits and withdrawals

Online casinos, especially many of the newer ones that have been designed in the past few years, are constantly at the bleeding edge of financial technology innovation. In fact, often companies take the issue so seriously, they wind up doing things like building and testing their own proprietary systems. As a result, often there are less possibilities of a delay in availability of funds than there is in the traditional banking world. While many banks are floundering, online casinos can make money go halfway across the world in an instant, both ways, in the most secure way possible.

Licencing boards take their job seriously

The two main licencing boards for online casinos are the ones of the UK and Malta. Both of these boards are incredibly strict and have very high standards which need to be met to maintain a casino's licences. They regularly and microscopically look at everything from a casino's reputation with its customers to how they handle financial transactions to how they truly randomize the casino processes so they are fair for all concerned. Finally, especially with the UK licence, there are strict requirements which have been put in place in order to protect against underage or compulsive gambling.

In conclusion: Don't worry

In the above paragraphs, we have shown clearly why financial security protocols used by online casinos are superior to what you'd normally find on the internet in every conceivable way. Any prospective user is also invited to take it upon his or herself to investigate a prospective online casino's licences they currently hold, and then find out what it means to maintain these licences, which can often be dozens of separate licences per entity for just one website. Many people often hold up the online casino industry in the UK, for example, as a great example of successful industry regulation.